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I’m Matt Horn, also known as mathphreak. I make cool stuff.

Sometimes I write things, but not very often. I have an RSS feed that you can add to whatever feed reader you use.

Most recently, I wrote Website Update in July of 2015.

current projects

Relief Valve

Moves Steam games between drives.

Galactic Max

An HTML5 game made with Phaser in 24 hours with some friends.

old projects


Realtime classroom quizzes, hosted and played through the Meteor platform.

Probably functional. Possibly outdated. Definitely abandoned.


A better homework system.

I haven’t touched it since about September of 2014. It might still have active users; I’m not even sure how to tell.


A DCPU-16 emulator/assembler/whatever. The DCPU-16 was the CPU in Notch’s canceled game 0x10c.


Custom death messages for Bukkit (Minecraft), done competently. This was made for the Republica Minecraft server, which has since shut down.

a bit of music